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First Line Company like everything in life it starts small but with a big vision to recognize what is missing and trying to fill that gap. In the petroleum services sector there are a few players that always run the show and provide “International “solutions to what our customers require. So everything is driven by the “International “ and not by the local. It affects communication, pricing, service delivery and customer service. Since the creation of First Line Company for general construction and trading oil & gas services company ltd, The Company’s key objective has been to supply the market with the best fully integrated services management solutions in order to provide Client projects and investments with significant benefit & added value. Main challenge is to offer solutions adapted to the needs of a wide spectrum and diversity of clients and projects with varying levels of intricacy and to be regarded by clients as the first port of call their business plans & strategies.

First Line Company constantly evolve especially in fast changing business environment world-wide, with a vision to react swiftly with the market’s growing demands and unforeseen events to become one of the branded international services firms in Yemen and the region. We believe that our growth, our close working relationship with clients and our industry leadership go hand in hand with our respect for these fundamental values. First Line Company was founded on professional standards and quality workmanship that acknowledged all our valued clients and we for sure are making a significant headway into being recognized as “multi-faceted organization contains all the disciplines”. in order to make this happen, the first and foremost need is to have faith and belief in ourselves that we are born to win, coupled with a deep sense of understanding what multi-faceted business is all about. The rudiments of this business lie in recruiting the right qualified person for the right job at the right time and place, to satisfy the time bound contractual commitments of our clients.


  • To be recognized as a key player in multiple sectors locally & globally.
  • First line Company will become the best regional provider of value added services to our customers.
  • First line Company committed to future investment in people through training, development and technology, thus enabling our workforce to maintain continuous improvement and the provision of the best possible service to our customers.
  • Becoming an extension of ownership’s vision & sense of ownership for the client business.
  • To divert our role from a service provide to a business partner in the operation of an enterprise.


To take a top leading position in the technical services (Management, Development, and Operation) within Yemen and the region. First line for construction & Services Company through our employee, will continue to expand in Operation, Maintenance and construction contract, and be committed to significantly and increasing our market share of , Oil & Gas , Petro- Chemical, power, water ,Sanitation sectors. We will build our reputation as a company that value our customers and employees and maintains standards of safety and excellence that will not be compromised. To add value to our Clients business by providing quality Human Resources which meet the criteria in terms of scope, technical compliance , cost and time frame.

Main customers


Civil Construction and Maintenance


Rig Move and Heavy Transportation


Mechanical installation of industrial plant


Electrical installation of industrial plant



RFQ management.

Order processing.



Clearance and transport.

Warehousing Delivery and client acceptance.

After-sales service and spare parts.