Quality Policy

First line we are aware that the most important criteria ensuring that our customers are wholly satisfied are to make sure that every assignment or service we undertake executed to the highest international quality standards.

To achieve superior levels of performance we operate in conformity with quality control assurance programs specifically designed for each project. These programs define performance criteria and assign responsibilities, targets, methods, procedures

and tasks to all the personnel involved in the execution of the assignments.

While we measure overall performance, in general terms of safety statistics, profits and customer satisfaction, we measure quality in all departments using a range of positive performance indicators.

Our quality assurance programs are highly effective. We measure our achievements against benchmarks derived from performance and incident statistics for our industry. In recent years our performance has been consistently well ahead of the industry and very competitive in Yemen and by international standards.

This quality system incorporates company quality management policy, objectives, organizations and procedures associated with of all the company activities.

The maintenance and operation of the company quality system will be the responsibility of all employees within the company.

As part of our commitment to Quality, this policy will be made known to all company employees, through regular quality meetings and training, open access to system documentation (electronic media) in all operations, and through quality being an agenda item in all management and project review meetings.