Our Services

Civil Construction and Maintenance

First Line Company creates efficient, effective solutions and recognized for its proven capability to supply, install, construct, commission
and maintain projects in the following disciplines:

  • Civil and Infrastructure.
  • Mechanical and Steel Structure.
  • Oil and Gas Fields Production Facilities.
  • Pipelines and Storage Tanks.
  • Petrochemical Plants.
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Production and Export Facilities.
  • Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.
  • Water and Wastewater Systems.
  • Pharmaceutical and Industrial Plants.
  • Highways, Bridges and Infrastructure Systems.

Engineering and Construction of Oil installation, such as:
– Complete plant facilities construction.
– Engineering and construction of pump & compressor stations.
– Construct the well sites location and sump, cellar & conductor.
– Construct the fencing and gaits.
– Construct the campsite and access roads.
– Construct the sewer pits.
– Construct the water reserve pits.
– Maintenance and rehabilitation of the roads and drilling location drilling phase.
– Engineering, procurement, construction & maintenance of gas and crude oil pipelines.

• Construction of water supply system & networks, piping, infrastructure & sewerage,
• Civil works.
• Prefabrication and installation work.
• Housing maintenance and call-out-labor.
• Excavation, leveling & backfilling.
• Construction of tanks & hangers.
• Executing services in construction and installation, inspection, testing.
• Supplying of construction equipment’s tools, personal, and material